Swimming Pools

G.M.S.Z has a special division with rich experience for constructing, supply and install electro-mechanical works for swimming pools for home and public use.
We provide much more than arranging equipment, we develop the right design, select the right equipment, install and start-up in addition to maintenance.

Our suppliers are well-established in the international market such as:

  • Hyward ( USA )
  • Astral ( Spain )


Short list of our Swimming Pools projects:

Sharm Al-Shiekh Resorts:

  • Grand Sharm Resort: water Volume of 1000(m3)
  • Iberotel Grand sharm: water Volume of  2000 (m3)
  • Kahramana Hotel: water Volume of 780 (m3)
  • El Tawar Resort: water Volume of 750 (m3)
  • Mexicana Hotel: water Volume of 750 (m3)
  • Falcon Al Diar Hotel: water Volume of 650 (m3)
  • Falcon Hills: water Volume of 700 (m3)
  • Kalimera Hotel: water Volume of 2000 (m3)
  • Al Raouf Hotels: water Volume of 2200 (m3)

Hurghada Resorts & Hotels:

  • Sahara Touristic Village: water Volume of 450(m3)
  • Conrad Touristic Village: Sauna Facilities Installation.
  • Mövenpick Hotel: Heating with power of 500 (k.w)