Marine Services



Ship Repair, Dry Docking, Building/Conversion

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  • Dry dock repair and maintenance service for vessels
  • Riding squads at anchorage or on voyage – all trades,
  • Rapid mobilization to all major ports by best technical team,
  • Backed by most Competent shore workshops / services,
  • Factory trained specialists with OEM supports
  • Main propulsion and mooring system
  • Major conversion and retrofits to all type of vessels
  • Major and periodical Refits to admiralty norms
  • Architectural and systemupgrade, renewals and retrofits



  • Hull and Tanks cleaning, Hydro blasting & PaintingMarine Pic2
  • Sea-chest, Coating and cathodic protection 
  • Onboard services for steel and pipe renewal
  • Main Engines, Aux. Engines, coolers
  • Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Economizers
  • Specialists in Tower Scaffoldings, Hanging Staging – Onshore/ Offshore
  • Tanks survey, clean and apply coatings
  • Crank shaft inspection, grinding and honing
  • Mooring rope splicing onboard include RBL Test Certificate (Rope-Breaking Load test certificate)



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